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Waveplant – Refragment
November 7th, 2008 - Link

Joel Corelitz used a Glitchdesk Bend Workstation & Bent TR-707 to create most of the percussion for his Waveplant release, Refragment.

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Glitchdesk in the Wild
September 21st, 2008 - Link

A Glitchdesk Bend Workstation and a custom module appear in photographs from the recent Richard Devine feature at

Glitchdesk Modules in Richard Devine's Studio

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Observation of the Cat State
June 8th, 2007 - Link

Joel Corelitz of underscore music used a Glitchdesk Bend Workstation and bent TR-707 when creating the soundtrack for eatdrink‘s promo video, Observation of the Cat State.

Observation of the Cat State

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8 Bit (Film)
January 17th, 2007 - Link

Tonight the Wexner Center hosted a screening of 8 Bit. The scope of the documentary is much wider than the title indicates. Filmmakers Marcin Ramocki and Justin Strawhand cover a lot of ground, including chiptunes, the demo scene, ROM hacking, machinima, and data art.

8 Bit

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This Binary Universe
October 14th, 2006 - Link

Casper Electronics, Tim Kaiser, and each provided hardware that appears on BT’s recent album, This Binary Universe.

Benders will identify “bent” sounds in the recording.


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